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Ideas for Women’s Group Activities: Ladies, It’s Time to Make Some Cherished Memories!

Written by: Erin Sevigny


What does going to the movies, attending a concert, and dancing all have in common? They are activities that offer the most fun when done in a group. If you want to plan an activity for your women’s group that’s exciting and celebratory, like a bachelorette party, you may be stumped. Here are some fun women’s group activity ideas to inspire you. 

Fun Ideas for Women’s Group Activities in Franklin TN

To find the best option for your group of friends, here are some unique ideas for bringing the girls together, no matter the occasion. 


1. Get Group Facials

A bit of pampering never hurts anyone. If you want ideas for women’s group activities that can be fun, pleasurable, and beneficial to your health, this is one option to consider. 

Group facials at Franklin Skin Studio are personalized, allowing each of your friends and loved ones to get the exact care their skin needs. You can receive a skin analysis and then get hand-selected products to give your skin a healthy glow. 

You can also get recommendations for specific treatments, like extra exfoliation techniques to help with uneven skin texture or an oxygen facial if you want to spruce up dull skin. 

Group facials are great women’s group activities for bachelorette parties, allowing you and your friends to have fun and look great for the big day. 

2. Go for a Hike

Hikes are good not only for your body but also for your mind. Walking in nature can decrease depression and boost your mood, making it one of the healthiest options for girls’ groups. Activities for your mental health are always a good choice. 

You can find hikes sorted by distance as well as by levels of difficulty so that you can find the best options for your group. Luckily, there are so many gorgeous greenways and trails around Franklin or plan a day trip to Nashville to explore its green spaces.

3. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

For fun activities for ladies, you can organize an elaborate scavenger hunt. It is a creative option that can be as complex as you want. If you want a more intimate event, have the hunt at one location, but if you want to go big, have clues that take you all over the neighborhood or even the city. 

4. Plan a Sleepover

Retro sleepovers are all the rage these days. They have a tinge of nostalgia, taking you back to childhood experiences but with the bonus of enjoying a glass of wine or a fun cocktail. 

Sleepovers are a preferred women’s group idea because they offer the chance to talk, eat favorite snacks, watch silly movies, and play games. You can give each other makeovers and try skin care products, all while wearing pajamas. 

5. Visit a Museum

Who says having fun and learning can’t go together? Museums can offer a variety of activities for women’s groups, including guided tours, special presentations, and even overnight stays. You can poll your group to see what museum the majority is most interested in, or you can go somewhere completely different from where you would typically choose. 

6. Organize a Dinner

You can go for one of the classic activities for ladies’ get-togethers — the dinner party. Encourage your guests to dress up and decorate the space with flowers. 

If you want something more casual, host a potluck dinner, with guests bringing their favorite dishes to share. You can choose a concept or holiday with foods that highlight the theme.

7. Ax-Throwing Parties

You don’t have to stick to delicate activities just because you are planning a get-together for women. Activities that encourage you to try new things can be fun and exhilarating. If you want to try something different, you may be interested in an ax-throwing party. In most cities, you can find ax-throwing locations, allowing you to rent out the whole place for your girls or share the fun with other groups. 

8. Escape Rooms

For women’s activities ideas that offer serious challenges, you can turn to escape rooms. Escape rooms allow you to choose a fun theme. From post-apocalyptic scenarios to pirate treasure hunts, you can find an escape room that suits your group’s style.

9. Go Camping

If you have nature lovers in your group, camping offers the chance to enjoy nature and each other’s company. You can rough it or go glamping with fancy tents and resort-style amenities. 

You can even choose to make a road trip out of it by renting a camper. You get the benefits of spending hours on the road with your friends and enjoying the wild outdoors while still having bathroom amenities. 

10. Take a Class

Have you and your friends talked about learning a language or a new skill? Why not take a class together? You can hire an instructor to provide lessons to the group or join an existing class. You will have fun together and learn something new. 

11. Arts and Crafts Night

If you and your group love crafting, you can dedicate a night to your projects. You can set up stations for the different types of crafts, or you can have everyone sitting in a big circle to share the communal joy of creating things. 

You can also encourage your group to speak about the crafts they love and even plan a simple project they can do together. 

12. Have a Themed Party

Who doesn’t love a themed party? Get your group together to celebrate the roaring 20s or the big-haired 80s, or choose your group’s favorite show and have everyone dress as characters. Whatever you choose, incorporate the theme into your decor, food choices, and music. 

Book a Unique Experience with Your Group at Franklin Skin Studio

There are many ideas for women’s group activities to shake up your routine and make new memories. One of the best ways to begin, especially if getting ready to celebrate a big event, is to get a bit of skin pampering. 

At Franklin Skin Studio, we offer facials in Franklin TN targeting your skin type. We love having groups stop by our location and are ready to accommodate all of your different needs. Plan your next bonding day by calling Franklin Skin Studio today.  

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