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How Often Should You Get a Facial: An Expert’s Guide to Get Glowing, Youthful-Looking Skin

Written by: Erin Sevigny


Facials are an essential component of proper skincare routines. While you can give yourself one at home, going to a spa is better and more effective. You may wonder, “How often should you get a facial?” Thankfully, there’s an easy answer to this question for most people.

Today, we’ll discuss getting facials in depth. You’ll learn how often they’re necessary, the benefits of regular facials, and where to get one in Franklin, TN. 

Are Facials Necessary?

You may have heard of facials but have yet to understand how they aid your skincare. They aren’t just one type of service — they can include chemical peels, extractions, lymphatic drainage, HydraFacial, microdermabrasion, and more. 

You might receive multiple treatments in your session, and innovations continue to evolve in spas. Each service is beneficial for different issues. For example, the best facial for blackheads is microdermabrasion, laser therapy, and clay masks.

Regardless of your chosen services, they’re a necessary part of a skincare routine. So, why are facials necessary? They don’t just cleanse your face. These services also remove toxins, bacteria, and dead skin cells. That circulates blood flow, reducing puffiness and bringing nutrients to the skin. 

Facials also slow down aging by encouraging skin cell turnover. These skincare services stimulate collagen production, which removes fine lines on the face. Lastly, facials are relaxing experiences. Everyone can benefit from self-care; a spa day means taking time for yourself.

How Often Should You Get a Facial?

How often you’ll need a facial depends on certain factors. Depending on your specific skincare needs, you may need to get them more or less frequently. Let’s explore the different reasons why skincare routines may vary from person to person.

Skin Type

You can get a facial once a month if you have normal or dry skin. However, women with oily skin should seek treatment more often. 

Those with sensitive skin risk irritating their skin if they get skincare services too often. Therefore, they should space them out more — going to the spa every six to eight weeks makes the most sense for this skin type.


How often should you get a facial in your 20s? You should aim for seasonal services at this age — three to four times per year is ideal. Women in their 30s and 40s should go to the spa every other month, and those 50 or older should have a facial once a month. 

Skincare Goals

Everyone’s skin behaves differently. That means skincare goals may vary slightly based on several factors. You’ll need facials at different frequencies based on the conditions you’re trying to address.

How often should you get a facial if you have acne? If you have acne, you should get one every two weeks. Those with discoloration can receive treatment every two to three weeks until your fifth service — then spread them out every four to six weeks. People with fine lines and wrinkles should get a facial every month or two, depending on their age. 

Lifestyle and Environmental Factors

Since facials remove dirt and other buildups, getting a facial more often is worthwhile if you tend to neglect the skin in your home regimen. However, if you perform facials at home, you may need a professional service less often. 


Let’s be honest. People choose DIY services because they’re more affordable than spas. Not every woman can afford monthly facials at the salon, so those on a budget can get them less frequently. Regular treatments will pamper the skin and spirit if you can afford the service. Treat spa services as essential to your skincare routine, even if you’re not getting them often.

In general. how often should you get a facial? The ideal number is once a month. As we discussed, other factors may cause you to need them more or less often. Typically, though, going to the spa every four weeks is a good idea.

Benefits of Getting a Facial Once a Month

There are a few monthly facial benefits you should know about. For starters, it’s a good idea to regularly experience these services’ benefits. The effects of facials don’t last forever, so you need to have them regularly to see continued results. That will ensure that your skin’s health is maintained.

Additionally, regular self-care is essential. Don’t treat a spa day like a special treat. Instead, treat it like maintenance for healthy living. Getting a facial once a month gives you something to look forward to and is a great way to respect your skin and body.

When you get facials once a month, your confidence will get a boost, and you’ll leave your appointment feeling more relaxed. Your skin will look noticeably better than before you started your routine, and other people may also begin to notice the difference. Even if they don’t, you’ll feel confident that your skin is well-maintained. That alone will help you carry yourself better in your everyday life.

Can I Do a Facial Every Week?

While it may be tempting, getting a facial every week is not a good idea. Your skin needs time to heal after a spa service — otherwise, it will irritate more easily. It’s also more expensive to get them done that frequently. High-quality spas charge premium prices, so it’s best to save money for your monthly appointment.

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