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Best Facial Spa in Franklin

Imagine a sanctuary for your skin. A place where relaxing rituals are used to nourish, soothe, and renew your complexion. When you visit our day spa in Franklin, you’ll gain access to innovative treatments that produce lasting results and ultimate relaxation. 

Treat Yourself to the Best Spa in Franklin, TN

Picture yourself being guided by a compassionate and well-versed professional through each phase of your treatment, your mind completely at ease knowing you’re in the hands of a capable skin care specialist you can trust. Now envision the revitalized version of you — the one with skin that glows and confidence that radiates — walking out into the world feeling your absolute best.

It’s not a dream. It’s what you can expect when you visit Franklin Skin Studio, the top spa in Franklin, TN for luxurious self-care.

Visit Our Proudly Tennessean Spa: Franklin, TN

We couldn’t be more proud to call one of America’s most quaint and historic communities home. For us, it’s more than just the location of our spa. Franklin, TN is where our roots have taken hold. And in addition to being part of the local business landscape, we’re also committed to being active, engaged citizens making Franklin a better place for everyone.

Our Treatments

We offer clients a selection of transformative skin care services, each of which provides notable and lasting benefits.

The Glo2Facial

We’re one of a select handful of spas in Franklin, TN to offer Glo2facials that produce real, lasting results. This three-in-one facial treatment that exfoliates, infuses, and oxygenates the skin. This revolutionary service provides intense hydration while detoxifying pores and restoring firmness. Our experienced skin care specialists are trained to produce the best possible results for your skin type using innovative technology and the latest techniques.

Who It’s For:

The Glo2facial is a versatile and customizable treatment that benefits all skin types and complexion concerns. Whether you’re looking to smooth out your skin’s texture, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, or achieve a refreshed and lustrous glow — this treatment can be personalized to meet your needs.

Personalized Facials

Have you tried traditional, one-size-fits-all facials without success? Perhaps you’ve wasted money on all different types of facials, only to leave with irritated skin or zero results at all. If this sounds like you, try our customized facials! Our skincare specialists will assess your unique needs and develop a tailored plan for your skin type, lifestyle and beauty goals. Your skin is as unique as you are, and we believe your skincare treatments should be too.

Who It’s For:

The short answer? Anyone! This customized service is ideal for those with highly-sensitive skin, specific skincare concerns, or simply those who want to get the best results in the least amount of time. Our facials target all kinds of conditions, from dullness, to dryness, to acne.

Chemical Peels

If you’re seeking a more intense treatment that’s capable of dramatically enhancing your complexion, a chemical peel is the perfect solution. The benefits of facial peels are significantly more observable than other classic treatments. It’s an advanced skincare treatment that uses a mild acid to penetrate deeper into your skin’s barrier, removing the outermost layer and stimulating your body’s natural collagen production.

Who It’s For:

Anyone with stubborn skin concerns like acne scarring, wrinkles, dark spots, sun damage, or dullness that haven’t responded to other forms of treatment. Your skin’s texture will be more balanced, elasticity is greatly increased, and a youthful radiance is restored.

Acne Treatments

We know all too well how much of an effect acne can have on your skin and your confidence. Acne is the result of excess sebum (oil) produced by the skin, causing pores to become clogged, inflamed, and even infected. To effectively treat acne, it’s crucial to address the underlying cause by eliminating bacteria on the skin’s surface, detoxifying pores, and soothing the dermis to reduce inflammation.

Who It’s For:

Anyone who is prone to cystic, hormonal, or nodular acne, whether it’s a sudden flare-up or an on-going concern. Our acne treatments are personalized to each individual client’s needs. We’ll take the time to assess your skin and identify problem areas before selecting top-grade products that meet your needs. Then we’ll provide you with a tailored treatment that not only extracts existing blemishes, but prevents future breakouts.


Microneedling is a minimally-invasive treatment that involves perforating the skin using tiny, sterilized needles. Don’t let the name deter you, however, as most clients report only mild discomfort and a light scratching sensation similar to being rubbed with a fine sandpaper. Microneedling is fast and effective, resulting in increased collagen production, softened wrinkles, and tighter, more supple-looking skin. 

Who It’s For:

Microneedling is most popular among our clients looking to diminish the signs of aging and achieve a more youthful appearance. This treatment’s ability to stimulate collagen production results in a naturally full and buxom complexion, making it an ideal option for anyone experiencing sagging skin or reduced elasticity.

Visit Our Franklin, TN Day Spa

Your skin deserves a little rest and relaxation. It also deserves to be cared for by medically-trained professionals who understand the signs and symptoms of common skin conditions. After all, your skin isn’t just what you see in the mirror — it’s also what protects your body from germs, toxins, and other harmful substances. It’s a crucial part of not just how you look, but how you feel. That’s why we prioritize restoration and relaxation as much as we prioritize results. 


Treat your skin to some TLC at our spa. Franklin, TN residents and visitors alike can enjoy some well-deserved self-care and tranquility in a relaxing atmosphere. Here’s what you can expect when you visit our spa: 

We understand skin concerns can be a source of stress and self-consciousness. We treat all of our clients with the utmost care and consideration, prioritizing their comfort at all times. We are committed to providing each client with the expert guidance required to make informed decisions regarding their health and skin care treatments. We provide a relaxing and peaceful environment where our clients can feel completely at ease. It is a priority to ensure each person leaves feeling their best inside and out.
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